Manufacturer of Turbine Engine Components and High Precision Parts


OTP understands “airfoil” fixturing, grinding, and inspecting. More than 50 pcs of grinding equipment are available, which allows OTP to handle all our customers grinding needs with the most efficient process and machines. OTP has tooling for hundreds of legacy blades, vanes and shrouds. There is a chance OTP has the tooling for many legacy parts or almost guaranteed OTP has machined a similar part.

Grinding Highlights

CNC Grinding
(6) Dual Wheel Thompsons and Excello Grinders
(6) Cambell Radial Grinders

Surface Grinders
(9) 6″ x 18″ Manual and Hydraulic, such as Boyar-Shultz and Reid
(24) 10″ x 24″ Hydraulic Production Grinders, such as Thompson, Kikinda and Proth.
Wheel Dressing
(17) Single, Twin and Chuck Mount Style
Abrasive Belt Grinding
(5) Bader 7.5 HP (1) Divine double-end 15 HP Back Stand Grinders