Manufacturer of Turbine Engine Components and High Precision Parts

Mark Doelling (founder of Dynamic Turbine & Triax) and Robert and Kris Kervick (Founders of KomTek Technologies & Arizona Cast Turbine) have acquired Omni Electro Motive (Newfield, NY) from Frank DeRidder. Frank started Omni in 1976 and has machined turbine engine parts and high precision components for the past 40 yrs.

Frank is “happy the new owners are industry veterans and quality-oriented.” Frank also stated, “that they will take advantage of our turbine part expertise to grow the business. While they run the business, I can concentrate on engineering.”

Mark, Bob and Kris are excited to have found an opportunity with high quality standards that allows them to take advantage of their industry experience and contacts. They have worked with many great companies and individuals in the past, and look forward to partnering and supporting them again with a business they own and control. Their philosophies are the same. “It’s about building a relationship with support and trust.” OTP currently has more open capacity than any other OEM-approved supplier.