Manufacturer of Turbine Engine Components and High Precision Parts

EDM – Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM is one of the strengths of OTP. This facility has won awards for EDM workmanship from customers and innovation from EDM manufacturers.

We cover all EDM requirements for turbine parts including Seal Slots, Tip Shrouds, Cooling Holes, Stator Assemblies, Steam Nozzles and Diaphragms. EDM for Precision Components include parts for electrical, guidance, medical, and Department of Defense (DOD) applications.

(4) DWC90SB Wire EDM 10” x 12” x 6”, Ultra low recast power supply
(2) SA110SB Wire EDM 12” x 14” x 8”, Ultra low recast power supply
(6) FX/FA20 Wire EDMs 16” x 20” x 11”, Ultra low recast power supply, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy logic.
(5) Mitsubishi 4 axis ram EDM machines

(3) Linear motor Ram EDM capable of “fine finish” (16 rms); Full CNC controls and a 20” x 30” x14” tank. Side feed and C axis

18” x 18” x 20” TANK, 60/120 AMP Power Supply,  >20:1 aspect ratio
12” x 50” x 50” TANK,  60/120 AMP Power Supply, two axis angle head, three axis translation with variable indexes; primarily for stator diaphragm work.
20” x 24” x 24” TANK,  60 AMP Power Supply, through holes or cooling holes
12” x 96” DIAMETER SPARCATRON 60/120 AMP Power Supply, two axis angled head, polar translation plus indexing

(6) 60 AMP Power Supply; Universal application machines

ECM Highlights

(3) Chemform Dual Head Small Cooling Hole Drilling Machines 24” Stroke